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President’s Message – November 2017:

When you have been skiing for over 60 years, the sound of snowflakes floating from the heavens after midnight and setting on the ground to cover the ground in the white, soft blanket which begins to form is likened to being on a ski trip and someone opens a can of beer somewhere in the hotel you are staying in. You hear it, and you rise from your sleep to dress and join the party. That was the case at 2 a.m. November 3rd, 2017. Five (5) centimeters of new snow fell in North Delta before I was able to fall back into the Arms of Morpheus.

The ski runs are being blanketed with deep powder and you are still asleep? Put on your robes , turn on the lights, and get up into the attic or storage room. Brush off the cobwebs, pull out the skis and poles, boots, goggles and clothes. Bring out the vices, clamp those skis in and scrape off the old crud you called ‘great snow’ from skiing you did last May and June. The rest of the saner people in Greater Vancouver were already gardening while you skied the mud and rocks!!! Yes, it’s time to file and sharpen the edges, clean the bottoms, fill in the gouges with PteX, file off or grind them smooth. Then, bring out the iron, fresh wax, the scraper and the cork. It’s tTime to put the hot wax onto those boards. Test, set, adjust, grease and oil those bindings. Then, once serviced, put the old boots or new ones into the bindings and load them. Using your palm, hit the front with a sudden force akin to being ‘just’ short of the force needed to break one of your ankles (that requires about 10 years of experience or a year working at a ski shop). If in doubt, take your skis in to be serviced. You can go with crappy skis and old thread-bare ski clothing (why do I hear all the lady members screaming – “NOT”), but the binding must be top-notch or buy and install new ones. Your whole ski season rides on having most of your bones and knees in relatively good condition. Just ask Shannon. She lost most of a year to a wee injury. Let’s keep our skis and binding in excellent shape or have your husband or boyfriend/ girlfriend buy you new gear.

See you at our Club night, November 16th. There are still several spots open for the Romania 2018 Ski Trip. Jennifer and Greg are looking for 2 people to replace them Don’t Forget our Sponsors:

Thanks to Richard and Allyson, Mad About Food and John Henry’s Resort and Marina for their support;

Thanks to Toby’s Pub, 2733 Commercial for their support;

Thanks to Joseph Lavalley, Published Canadian Artist for his $500.00 donation to our Membership Drive;

Thanks to for their support.

Sven Stefanov, President Pacific Ski Club

My thanks to Allyson & Richard for their continued kind support.

“Europe 2018?” Yes, you read that correctly! We are looking at a

Trip-Of-A-Lifetime – Transylvania & Walachia, Romania !!!

Dates: January 7th – January 20th, 2018 for the ski trip – More news to come, but set the timetable aside. – You must be a member of the Victoria Alpine or the Pacific Ski Club to go - $400.00 deposit will save your spot!!! No refunds on Deposits, No Exceptions

- Sven, President PSC