The PSC Whistler Cabin

Stay up for a night, a weekend, or even a month at our shared accommodation Whistler cabin.  Members stay for as little as $30/night.  During ski season!

Our Whistler cabin has had theme dinners up to 25 people with our large kitchen. We have 3 fridges, 2 ranges, oven, 2 BBQs, microwave, dishwasher and is fully stocked with cookware, dishes, glassware and utensils. Just bring up your supplies and be your own chef!

So many activities to do up in Whistler

Whistler cabin is available all year for winter activities and summer too.  Great for apres ski theme dinners in winter and for apres hiking, biking, Wild Play, Zipline and River of Golden Dreams rafting BBQ's in summer. Bring a guest, make some new friends and have some fun in Whistler!

Cabin dinners

Interested in cooking a
cabin dinner? Receive a
free night stay for hosting
a dinner. For more info,
contact Nancy

Club News

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Cabin Rates

How do I get to the Cabin?

8212 Rainbow Drive, Alpine Meadows, Whistler, B.C.

* Drive north on Highway 99. Alpine Meadows is approx. 1.8 km past Whistler Village.
* Once you reach the light at Alpine Meadows, turn left.
* At the stop sign, turn left again onto Rainbow Drive.

* The cabin is the first one on the left. There is plenty of room in the parking lot.

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How to book into the cabin:

Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Reservations must be confirmed at least 4 days in advance to guarantee space. Notification of cancellation is required 72 hours in advance. (credit on account, no refunds).

In your message please clearly state:

* Your name,
* Your phone number,
* The dates of your intended stay, and
* Your payment details (cash/cc/voucher etc)

The email is checked everyday, but please remember that it is monitored by volunteers on their spare time, so please allow 24 hours for a return confirmation.

Note: Saturday night only stays for non-members can only be confirmed on or after the preceding Wednesday. Make sure you receive the current door combination!

Cabin Use

Everyone must bring their own sleeping bags or linens and towels.

When using the cabin, leave it as clean as or cleaner than when you came in. It is up to the users to maintain its cleanliness. This means to do a chore before you leave. The chores are listed on the white board next to the entrance. In addition, everyone in the cabin is responsible for garbage disposal. BRING IT IN; TAKE IT OUT. If YOU want a clean cabin when you enter, clean it when you leave!

Rules and Policies

Several people use the cabin. Please respect others by leaving the cabin clean and be mindful of others space.

1. Do a chore before you leave.
This is to ensure that the cabin is clean when YOU enter. If this is too onerous a task there is plenty of accommodation in Whistler that includes this service in their rates.

2. Kitchen refrigerators are for food and the back fridge for beer and wine.
Label your items or they may be mistaken for PSC supplies. Liquor may be kept in the liquor cabinet remember to label it! Liquor in the food fridges is up for grabs. BE FOREWARNED!!

3. Keep ALL food inside.
Be aware of Bears, Raccoons and DOGS.

4. Clean up after yourself.
No-one wants to clean when they arrive to relax for their stay. Clean up the counters, stove, sinks & your dishes and garbage. Wash & put away all your dishes. Empty the dishwasher. Shoes off at the door. Keep the floors clean. Bring your slippers; the floors can be cold.

5. Remove all your food items at the end of your stay.
If you leave something such as milk, bread, etc, date it and label it PSC. Please do NOT assume that someone wants to eat your leftovers! Throw away your cooked food, wash & put away your dishes. (see #4)

6. Recycle your returnables and take your garbage with you.
Rinse & put your cash recyclables (beer, juice and water bottles & cans) in the blue box. If full, empy into the bins on the back deck. This is used for cabin supplies & expenses. Glass jars, tin cans, & paper are recyclable. However, take your own garbage with you to the recycle center - Located just before Nester's Market. Be an environmentally responsible person BRING IT IN; TAKE IT OUT.

7. Absolutely NO personal items to be left in the cabin.
Items left in the cabin will be removed. If you have forgotten something, email the cabin mom at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it so that your item can be rescued.

8. No showers in the morning during ski season.
It's not the hot water it's the line-ups.

9. Quiet after midnight.
Please be considerate of your fellow PSCers; do your late night partying in the village.

10. Bring your own Bedding & Towels; Sheets on the beds are to protect the mattresses.
Please use sleeping bags or your own bedding. In the event you need to use the spare blankets etc, please fold them and return them to the shelves. Put your used sheets in the laundry and make a donation to the coffee fund for laundry. Towels are for emergency use only.

11. Put any laundry in the laundry basket located on the beer fridge.
Do not throw laundry in the corners of the room. (see #4)

12. No smoking & No pets inside the cabin.

Please use common courtesy so everyone can have fun and enjoy meeting new people. For any comments or complaints please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it